Weigh In Motion

WIM Solutions: from statistics on aggression, to monitoring and preselection, low speed weighing, and up to Automatic Sanction Control


Fixed and temporary road traffic counters for carrying out traffic surveys, data collection and analysis, etc.

2 wheels

Specific range of solutions for detecting and counting two-wheeled vehicles

Road Weather

Automatic weather stations, support for the decision on winter viability


More than 35 years of experience in developing and engineering solutions for Traffic Data Collection and Analysis (RTA), dynamic weighing (WIM) and on-road counting.

Sterela has been specialised in developing equipment for road-transport management for more than 35 years.
We provide turnkey solutions to all our customers in the fields of on-road vehicle counting or dynamic/static weighing of heavy-goods vehicles.
In response to the various challenges of road-traffic management, STERELA provides tailor-made weighing solutions that are fully adapted to the needs and requirements of its customers.
Moreover, STERELA has its own highly qualified and experienced technical team. We can therefore provide our customers with all the services needed: civil engineering, installation, training and maintenance.


  • Counting 2-wheel vehicles
  • Axle detectors
  • Temporary traffic-counting stations
  • Pedestrian-crossing management
  • Portable speed camera


  • Radar counters
  • Pneumatic tube counters (connected)
  • Traffic-analysis stations


  • WIM dynamic weighing systems
  • Low-speed WIM


  • Axle detectors for toll-booth areas
  • Weight-based toll systems


  • Traffic weather stations

Road Weather

STERELA provides a comprehensive solution to assist road-transportation professionals in decision-making, in order to improve the analysis of winter-related weather phenomena, anticipate interventions and reduce operating costs.



STERELA's technical-service teams have all the skills required to provide a comprehensive range of services.

  • Installation and commissioning
  • Level-1 maintenance contract
  • Level-2 maintenance contract
  • Training
  • Auditing

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Installation & commissioning

Infrastructure works (civil engineering) 
Installation of sensors in the roadway 
Installation and connection of stations and ITS solutions 
Configuration and verification of operation

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Level-1 maintenance contract

Annual preventive maintenance 
Corrective maintenance following customer alert 
Email support and Hotline 
Activity report for each intervention

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Level-2 maintenance contract

Level-1 maintenance included 
Supervision of all equipment
Priority intervention following STERELA or client alert
Monthly and annual activity report

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Installation training
Maintenance training (level 1 & 2)
WebTraffic training

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Site operation control
Recommendation for rehabilitation

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Online operating solution for all your on-road equipment


With 30 years of experience in the field, we have developed a unique platform that meets the needs of traffic-management specialists in terms of on-road counting, weighing, road management and weather-forecasting. 
Designed for professionals, this secure web application (https) can be customised to fit with your working methods, and enable you to travel further and longer. 
No need to worry about changing systems: the STERELA team will support you throughout the transition from your old system to WebTraffic.

  • Secure web solution
  • Mapping/images
  • Supervision/Reports/Statistics
  • Database
  • Available 24/7
Webtraffic secure access

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A unique, ergonomic solution online 24/7.

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Individual measurements, user community, remote maintenance, secure server, and more.

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Adaptability, connectivity, open-web architecture, etc.

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Sterela finalizes its model approval for WIM AWCS homologation.

Automatic weight control & sanction

December 2020  |   FRANCE
STERELA chosen by French motorway concessionaire APRR to deploy WIM stations.

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july 2020  |   FRANCE
Sterela cancels all participation to public events in 2020.

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mars 2020  |  FRANCE
Sterela ITS has taken part at ICWIM8.

The 8th International Conference on Weigh-In-Motion
ICWIM8 is held as a series of scientific and technical sessions, a few panel discussions and some "end-users' forums" where the end-users will get information...

19 - 31 may 2019  |   Prague, Czech Republic
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