Low-speed Weigh-in-Motion

STERELA has teamed up with Dini Argeo – an Italian company specialised in designing and building scales and weighing systems – to provide you with a low-speed weigh-in-motion (3 to 8 km/h) solution for road traffic control.
Significantly more vehicles can be weighed in comparison to static weighing (up to 10 times more vehicles per hour).




RWS platforms are used for every type of application in which heavy vehicles (such as trucks with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or more axles, tankers, container carriers on industrial sites and traffic flows, etc.) need to be weighed quickly and simply.


These versatile and precise platforms are adapted to each kind of application and are perfectly suited to modern industry, agriculture, construction sites, sorting centres, ports, etc., where you need to save space or quickly change logistics positions in the traffic flow.


The MOBILE double-track DTW weighbridge is highly innovative. Thanks to its low weight and reduced height, it is easy to install with just a forklift truck.


Practical for both permanent and temporary installations. Particularly suitable for creating fixed weigh stations to calculate the weight of a vehicle as it passes, by adding together the different axles, which are weighed dynamically.

  • Robust reinforced sheet-metal platform, sized to support the weight of every type of machine; construction in line with Directive 96/53/EC (maximum load on single axle 50 tonnes d=20kg, only for vehicles going through Europe).
  • Dimensions of the load surface (lxw): 3 x 0.73m with standard pit frame and casing for installation.
  • Sand-basted and dual-component epoxy coating, with high corrosion resistance.
  • 6 sensors in IP68 stainless steel.
  • 10m cable for connection to a weight indicator.
  • Dust-tight, waterproof wiring and connections.

  • Intel Dual-Core Processor
  • RAM: 2 Gb
  • SSD: 128 Gb
  • WIFI and Bluetooth network card
  • Battery and charger included + 1 spare battery
  • 10'' colour ultra-high-brightness screen
  • Windows 8 Operating System
  • Stylus
  • Cover with shoulder strap.
  • SIM card slot

  • Reinforced graphic printer
  • Thermal paper
  • Battery and charger included + 1 spare battery
  • Bluetooth communication card
  • Cover with shoulder strap.
  • 200 spare rolls


Online operation of road-traffic management equipment.
WEBTRAFFIC is a web platform designed by STERELA that collects and exploits all the data from your road network.
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