Multi-purpose dynamic weighing

Weighing station (WIM) for road traffic control in motion.
It incorporates several sensors (twin-wheel detector, contextual camera, automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR), infrared barrier, 3D laser scanner, etc.) that enable it to detect traffic violations according to the country's regulations.




The GLOBAL WIM station is used by the French Ministry of Transport to monitor road traffic and improve the effectiveness of controls.


Used as a single unit, it identifies vehicles that break the highway code in real time and directs them towards the police for checks.


When used in a network, it makes it possible to effectively monitor vehicles through the region/country and thereby target transport companies that are guilty of regular infringements.


By acting as a deterrent, the system effectively contributes to protecting the condition of infrastructures and reducing unfair competition.

  • Real-time vehicle display
  • Can manage up to 4 traffic lanes
  • Configuration and operation via integrated web server
  • Operational security through encryption and digital signature

  • Speed
  • Total width
  • Total weight
  • Total length
  • Profile
  • ANPR
  • Dangerous goods
  • Excessive height alert
  • 3D Profile

  • Weight
  • Quantity
  • Type
  • Spacing
  • Wheelbase
  • Width
  • Lateral position
  • Type of wheel

Adjustable precision setting

Different grid configurations for a fine-tuning the precision concerning the total weight.

The different types of technologies used (piezo, quartz), based on different models of sensor layout, and processing via our weighing software enable us to fine-tune the precision (up or down).

Preliminary selection and manual control

The system makes a preliminary selection of vehicles suspected of infringements, thus ensuring all the traffic is monitored according to the same criteria without penalising compliant carriers.
This also makes it possible to optimise roadside checks, draw up plans for company inspections and target repeat offenders.

1. Global WIM

A versatile weigh-in-motion weigh station with dynamic weighing systems, sensors and automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR). The system provides accurate traffic data in real time: speed, weight, category of vehicle, number plate, etc.

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2. Dynamic intercepting panel

Only selected heavyweights are invited to exit to the weighing area, by means of a message posted on a panel wich is placed a few hundred meters before the exit.

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3. Certified low-speed weighing

Low-speed weighing involves intercepting vehicles and diverting them to the weigh station. They then go over the measuring systems at reduced speed (3 to 8 km/h). Significantly more vehicles can be weighed in comparison to static weighing (up to 10 times more vehicles per hour).

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Online operation of road-traffic management equipment.
WEBTRAFFIC is a web platform designed by STERELA that collects and exploits all the data from your road network.
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