B-MIX City

Permanent counting station for bikes and vehicles
B-MIX City

B-MIX City uses reliable, robust piezo-electric sensor technology to accurately count and distinguish between bikes and all other traffic vehicles (light vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, buses).
B-MIX City provides relevant data for all urban sites, whether on specific traffic lanes, such as cycle paths (one and two-way) and green-ways, or on roads with cycle lanes, shared lanes (buses + bikes),contra-flow bike lanes and mixed-traffic roads open to all vehicles.


Easy to install and operate


Android application via Bluetooth


Data collected automatically


Distinguishes between bikes, LVs, HGVs and buses


Accurate, relevant data


Urban furniture


Anti-vandalism cabinet


Extreme environments

  • Measure the traffic in terms of each transport mode and monitor any changes
  • Plan investments for cycling infrastructures
  • Objectively assess the effectiveness of traffic policies in favour of cycling
  • Detects all 2-wheel vehicles (bicycles, scooters, etc.)
  • Distinguishes traffic direction and vehicle type
  • Speed measurement
  • Data imported automatically into WEBTRAFFIC
  • Remote monitoring
  • Waterproof metal cabinet with anti-graffiti treatment
  • Autonomous power supply: 1 year
  • Memory capacity 1 million axles
  • Variable sensor length from 1m to 6m in 50cm increments
  • Rapid on-site configuration
  • On-site verification of correct operation
  • Rapid data retrieval
  • Data imported automatically into WEBTRAFFIC
  • Software updates
  • Flow: ±3%
  • Speed ±5km/h

Post carrying real-time display of bicycle use

  • Daily, monthly and annual format
  • Single or double-sided version
  • Customisable display (date, time, temperature, etc.)
  • Brightness adjusted according to ambient light


Online operation of road-traffic management equipment.
WEBTRAFFIC is a web platform designed by STERELA that collects and exploits all the data from your road network.
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B-MIX City